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Mooring above is at the Pan Americans World Airways Office just north Sand Point in 1938. Boeing flight-testing the 314 on June 22, 1938 from Lake Washington as well as other Boeing planes.
Had the war not come with the development of long range planes Boeing would have built the Boeing 326.  Just 15 days after the 314 flew; Boeing and Pan Am publicly announced this next model – a giant flying boat airliner.  It was so large that tugboats were to be used during harbor maneuvers.  It was to be pressurized and capable of flying above the weather with 100 passengers.  The 326 was the result of a PAA contest in 1937 which resulted in four competing designs.  None were ever built.  But this technology was used in the stratoliner,  

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2 Photos above are from: Ron Olson's Archives

Specifications  -  Boeing 314A Yankee Clipper

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